Occupy Toronto: Day 2

The second day of the official occupation of a usually-empty park, blocks away from the heart of the financial district, was pretty low key. The multi-generation protesters of Occupy Toronto that took part in the march on Saturday had largely disappeared, leaving behind a gaggle of student-aged people who sat around the park reading books, setting up tents and painting slogans onto pieces of cardboard. A few political evangalists held court, while a group of loosely-organized young people attempted to plan a meeting, in hopes of making their message clear. It’s worth checking out if only to read the homemade signs.

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Occupy Toronto: day 1

This backpack, that is
As a peaceful snake of pedestrians and cyclists winds through the financial district, just a season since the riotous G20, I wonder if Occupy Toronto will last as long as its sister march in New York. The protest started just three hours ago, in solidarity with the month-long Occupy Wall Street. But now, they’re setting up tents in St. James park.

Homemade signs offer plenty to protest: “Stop chemtrails”, “Stop the mega quarry,” “Free Manning,” “People, not profit” – and the odd bit of poetry. So far, the crowd is an all-ages mix of the truly dedicated and the merely curious, along with journalists and photo-opportunists and police officers. There’s strollers and dogs and Guy Fawkes masks. Here’s a few flicks I took this morning on Adelaide Street.
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nuit blanche

Nuit Blanche is a corporate-sponsored, city-wide public art show. For one night a year, from sunset to sunrise, you’ll find installations in nooks and crannies throughout Toronto. Biking is the best way cram everything in; navigating the mayhem is terrifying yet very much like a video game. Or a hip zombie apocalypse. This year my pal Elicser had an exhibit at the Drake Hotel, where he partnered with ballon maestro Sean Rooney to build a creepy scupltural illustration dubbed The Fun House. You enter beneath Rooney’s two-storey balloon clown head and hands, with cityscape sleeves by Elicser. Bad friend that I am, I didn’t bother with the hour-long lineup and just snapped some flicks from outside. Good thing too, cause I can’t get this grinning airhead out of my nightmares. Continue reading

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new dandyhorse: coming soon!

Here’s a sneak peak inside the new issue of dandyhorse — our first food issue, guest edited by The Food Network’s Bob Blumer. This awesome miniature bike trek was designed by Toronto artist Jason van Horne to accompany my story about biking and eating while travelling the globe. Also in this issue: dandyhorse pits pro Canadian racer Ryder Hesjedal against a Toronto courier; some of the city’s top chefs share recipes for energy bars you can actually stomach; and a cyclists’ tribute to Jack Layton. Pick up a copy at Word on the Street in Toronto this Sunday, or stop by the dandyhorse launch party on October 3rd at Parts & Labour.

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downtown TO

Financial district
statue man
Moss park
Queen and John
construction season

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Photos: 2011 Toronto fringe festival

I’ve already posted some reviews and a bunch of great show posters I’ve spotted at this year’s Fringe Festival. I’ve also reviewed the Dorothy Parker-inspired Abra-Cadaver. Here’s a few more show posters, plus some shots I’ve taken while waiting for various shows to start. Continue reading

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Fringe festing

I’m in the midst of Fringe Festival review chaos. I’ve written for Mooney on Theatre for three years (and countless festivals) but so far this fringe tops them all — I haven’t seen a dud yet. Definitely check out Videogames: The Musical if you’ve ever thrown your controller at the screen. Breaking News is both an homage to Orson Welles and a sendup of community town hall meetings. In CHAOTICA, a woman is trapped in a board game and must relive her worst decisions. The Cage lampoons our prime minister and dissects the g20 detention centre. I’ll be seeing a few more shows before the fest is over, including Abra-Cadaver. Since Eye Weekly/The Grid downsized their fringe coverage this year, Mooney on Theatre is the only place you’ll find reviews of every. single. show. Each show clocks in under an hour and costs only $10 — a great way to spend a summer eve.

Meanwhile, check out some of the fantastic show posters I’ve spotted en route to various venues. (I took all the photos except Videogames and Breaking News, which are courtesy of press kits.)


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