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Occupy DC

I was in College Park, Maryland to liveblog a journalism conference this weekend and couldn’t resist trekking to nearby Washington to check out #occupyDC. Demonstrators have occupied two parks close to the White House, where food stations, first aid tents … Continue reading

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Spoken word poetry championships

“Life is going to kill you, whether you advance or you retreat.” That’s my favourite line from a poem my cousin performed at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word last week. I was there to cheer on his team – … Continue reading

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Occupy Toronto: day 3

Biking home through the financial district during rush hour is normally the most stressful part of my day. But thanks to a gaggle of Occupy Toronto protesters, the road was shut down to vehiclar traffic yesterday. That left streetcars, pedestrians … Continue reading

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Occupy Toronto: Day 2

The second day of the official occupation of a usually-empty park, blocks away from the heart of the financial district, was pretty low key. The multi-generation protesters of Occupy Toronto that took part in the march on Saturday had largely disappeared, … Continue reading

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Occupy Toronto: day 1

As a peaceful snake of pedestrians and cyclists winds through the financial district, just a season since the riotous G20, I wonder if Occupy Toronto will last as long as its sister march in New York. The protest started just … Continue reading

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nuit blanche

Nuit Blanche is a corporate-sponsored, city-wide public art show. For one night a year, from sunset to sunrise, you’ll find installations in nooks and crannies throughout Toronto. Biking is the best way cram everything in; navigating the mayhem is terrifying … Continue reading

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new dandyhorse: coming soon!

Here’s a sneak peak inside the new issue of dandyhorse — our first food issue, guest edited by The Food Network’s Bob Blumer. This awesome miniature bike trek was designed by Toronto artist Jason van Horne to accompany my story … Continue reading

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