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Someone at ScribbleLive likes puns. There’s a new one most days. Advertisements

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CJFE honours courageous reporting

ScribbleLive has had a hand in reporting on the tumultous Arab Spring. A tool that removes traditional barriers to publishing can empower reporters and photographers, and in countries that have a tight grip on information, real-time reporting allows journalists to … Continue reading

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Prosecutor: a documentary

Earlier this week I liveblogged the screening of a documentary called Prosecutor, which followed the first trial of the International Criminal Court and its chief prosecutor, an Argentinian lawyer named Luis Moreno-Ocampo. The ICC was launched in 2002 to deal with war … Continue reading

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Occupy DC

I was in College Park, Maryland to liveblog a journalism conference this weekend and couldn’t resist trekking to nearby Washington to check out #occupyDC. Demonstrators have occupied two parks close to the White House, where food stations, first aid tents … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about Bill C-10

Earlier this week I volunteered to liveblog a panel discussion called Thrown under the Omnibus, where a passionate collection of experts from the fields of law, harm reduction, prison, women, youth and victims’ rights gathered to discuss the implications of … Continue reading

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Spoken word poetry championships

“Life is going to kill you, whether you advance or you retreat.” That’s my favourite line from a poem my cousin performed at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word last week. I was there to cheer on his team – … Continue reading

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Occupy Toronto: day 3

Biking home through the financial district during rush hour is normally the most stressful part of my day. But thanks to a gaggle of Occupy Toronto protesters, the road was shut down to vehiclar traffic yesterday. That left streetcars, pedestrians … Continue reading

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