FP Mag – Job Shadow – Chef

Job Shadow

Dana Lacey, Financial Post Magazine October 6, 2009

WHO: Lino Di Cecca

OCCUPATION: Executive chef and co-founder of Mississauga, Ont.’s On The Move Catering, which prepares food for corporate events, weddings and festivals.

CAREER PATH: Di Cecca didn’t last long at Humber College’s chef school. “I was kicked out,” he confesses. “Like all chefs, I have an ego.” Di Cecca moved to Vermont in 1997 and opened a restaurant in a posh ski resort, but when he got bored, he came back to Canada. He founded On The Move with brand manager Don Sagarese in 2002.

THE MOBILE KITCHEN: Di Cecca also offers a mobile-kitchen service for off-site events. At Virgin Festival in Toronto, for example, Di Cecca and his team assembled a kitchen from materials brought to the site aboard a 53-foot trailer. They then proceeded to prepare meals for 4,000 people — band members, crew and VIPs.

THE BEST LAID PLANS: “My days go from basic to very drastic,” Di Cecca says, “but the outcome is always the same: We make sure we perform like clockwork.” However, things don’t always go according to plan. Di Cecca recalls an outdoor wedding where he and his crew cooked 100 four-course filet mignon dinners in a tent, using camp stoves after a thunderstorm knocked out the power. “When things go wrong, I just laugh,” he says. “I like the challenges. Chefs are adrenaline junkies.”

2 Responses to FP Mag – Job Shadow – Chef

  1. Chantel says:

    Dana Lacey,
    Do you live in Utah? I am looking for a chef or cook to job shadow because I am going into college very soon and I’d like to have an idea of what being a chef or cook would be like if I planned on doing this in the future.
    Let me know, thanks so much!

    • Dana Lacey says:

      Hi Chantel, I live in Toronto and am not a chef but a journalist… but you definitely have the right attitude! I would just start going into restaurants you like and asking to meet the chef. Good luck!

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