Occupy Toronto: day 1

This backpack, that is
As a peaceful snake of pedestrians and cyclists winds through the financial district, just a season since the riotous G20, I wonder if Occupy Toronto will last as long as its sister march in New York. The protest started just three hours ago, in solidarity with the month-long Occupy Wall Street. But now, they’re setting up tents in St. James park.

Homemade signs offer plenty to protest: “Stop chemtrails”, “Stop the mega quarry,” “Free Manning,” “People, not profit” – and the odd bit of poetry. So far, the crowd is an all-ages mix of the truly dedicated and the merely curious, along with journalists and photo-opportunists and police officers. There’s strollers and dogs and Guy Fawkes masks. Here’s a few flicks I took this morning on Adelaide Street.
Bike cops block trafficThis guy reads a lot of comic books
fashion statement

This was sticking out of a cyclist's backpack
Straight to the point
Comic book fan
Someone knows her way around a magic marker
There were plenty of policy suggestions
A relic from the Iraq war protests
99 problems and the rich got none
I get the feeling the dog doesn't care


About Dana Lacey

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2 Responses to Occupy Toronto: day 1

  1. geekyn00b says:

    ❤ the Y U no share sign 😀
    Thanks for taking these pictures and sharing.

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