nuit blanche

Nuit Blanche is a corporate-sponsored, city-wide public art show. For one night a year, from sunset to sunrise, you’ll find installations in nooks and crannies throughout Toronto. Biking is the best way cram everything in; navigating the mayhem is terrifying yet very much like a video game. Or a hip zombie apocalypse. This year my pal Elicser had an exhibit at the Drake Hotel, where he partnered with ballon maestro Sean Rooney to build a creepy scupltural illustration dubbed The Fun House. You enter beneath Rooney’s two-storey balloon clown head and hands, with cityscape sleeves by Elicser. Bad friend that I am, I didn’t bother with the hour-long lineup and just snapped some flicks from outside. Good thing too, cause I can’t get this grinning airhead out of my nightmares.

The artist
The artist Elicser

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Freelance writer, editor and photographer
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