Fringe festing

I’m in the midst of Fringe Festival review chaos. I’ve written for Mooney on Theatre for three years (and countless festivals) but so far this fringe tops them all — I haven’t seen a dud yet. Definitely check out Videogames: The Musical if you’ve ever thrown your controller at the screen. Breaking News is both an homage to Orson Welles and a sendup of community town hall meetings. In CHAOTICA, a woman is trapped in a board game and must relive her worst decisions. The Cage lampoons our prime minister and dissects the g20 detention centre. I’ll be seeing a few more shows before the fest is over, including Abra-Cadaver. Since Eye Weekly/The Grid downsized their fringe coverage this year, Mooney on Theatre is the only place you’ll find reviews of every. single. show. Each show clocks in under an hour and costs only $10 — a great way to spend a summer eve.

Meanwhile, check out some of the fantastic show posters I’ve spotted en route to various venues. (I took all the photos except Videogames and Breaking News, which are courtesy of press kits.)



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  2. Ilana says:

    Hey, I’m Mute’s dramaturg; glad you like our poster! Thanks for putting it up! (The show’s pretty awesome, too.) 🙂

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