The new Lahore Tikka House

If you do nothing else this long weekend, let it be basking in biryani and kulfi on Lahore Tikka House’s new patio, which FINALLY opened yesterday after 5 years of renovations. I’ve been eating there since the now-mighty architecture consisted of two trailers connected with a plank of wood, and all its incarnations since. As part of my ongoing ethnic food adventures with Spice City Toronto’s Sarah Efron, Tikka’s manager and owner gave us candid interviews and a glimpse behind the scenes:  Sarah wrote the story, I took the photos. Here’s a few of the shots I took, the rest are over at Spice City Toronto. For those of you afraid of change, let me assure you: they didn’t mess with the menu. My fave is the butter chicken –this ain’t no Campbell’s soup concoction.

This ain't no campbell soup butter chicken

This oven produces thousands of naans a day
long-time manager Yasar Mirza

New rickshaw shipped in from Bangladesh


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1 Response to The new Lahore Tikka House

  1. Ben Z Cooper says:

    Whoa! It would be worth travelling back to Ontario for their cow brain masala.

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