Hooded Fang

Here’s a buncha point-and-shoot flicks I took at last night’s album release party at The Drake Hotel for Toronto’s kickass Hooded Fang. Great tunes: high-energy melodies doused in keyboards, strings, horns and the odd accordion/Xylophone riff — but don’t take my word for it, download their album. I liked that they’re not too cool to have a sense of humour (where else will you find choreographed, glitter-tossing, crowd-surfing astrogirls?) Local art stars Elicser (see: galleries, restaurants, living rooms and alleyways across the city) and Dougie Kerr (of Honest Ed signage fame) collaborated on the distinctly Torontonian set design — and since I prefer to think in newspaper headlines, I’ll describe it like this: Otherworldly Musicians Beamed into Queen West Alley Jam, Worlds Unite. Rock on.


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