Shooting Santa

Corporate gig: Santa portraits at Ikea. Three hours, 150 kids, one pillow-stuffed man. Cute overload. A lot of kids were named Aidan or Jessica, although one little boy preferred to go by Bumble Bee. An entrepreneurial 7-year-old solicited five Santa autographs (allegedly for presents, but we all know she’s schlepping them on eBay by now). Some of the younger ones were scared as hell.

Here’s one little guy — and no, he isn’t Bumble Bee — that tried his best to squirm away. Thankfully Santa has an iron grip and intimate knowledge of the sleeper hold.

Santa's sleeper hold

No one can escape Santa's iron grip

About Dana Lacey

Freelance writer, editor and photographer
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2 Responses to Shooting Santa

  1. jean says:

    adorable! and what a great shot of a great little smirk, wonder what he’s thinking?

  2. Dana Lacey says:

    I eventually won him over with a lambchop puppet. Lesson: never underestimate the power of animal-shaped felt.

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