Chinatown: Toronto’s newest mural

Next time you’re in Toronto’s chinatown, check out the new mural in the alley just east of Spadina Ave, running north from Dundas St. It was part of Mayor Miller’s 20-minute makeover, and was made possible by the good folks at Well & Good. Artists Eger and Horus mentored a few enthusiastic young spray paint artists to help transform the dingy alley into a work of art. (Don’t believe me? Check out google’s street view for a glimpse at what the wall used to look like.)

Toronto: east of spadina north of dundas

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1 Response to Chinatown: Toronto’s newest mural

  1. Ben Z Cooper says:

    Beautiful, I look forward to seeing it one of these days… and visiting the dollar store right beside it, they always had weird stuff.

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